B*Witched had four consecutive UK Number One hits in the 90s and with the girls back together for ITV2's hit show The Big Reunion, we caught up with them to talk about the past, the future and staying elegant in double denim! |


How would you describe your style, 10 years on?

Keavy: I have two different styles. I can be quite casual but in a quirky way and sometimes I can be quite sophisticated as well.
Sinead: Classic but funky…not too funky though! Not double denim.

How do you feel about the double denim thing? Is it something you can't escape?

Keavy: If you told me to put on the C'est La Vie outfit again I would die! But if we were to steer away from the denim thing completely our fans would be disappointed. The denim is what sets us apart from every other girl group.
Sinead: Us doing a reunion and not wearing double denim would be like us doing a reunion
and not singing C'est La Vie.

Which celebrity's wardrobe would you steal in the middle of the night?

Lindsay: I really love Kate Middleton's style. She always looks so beautiful, demure and
classy. Her style is timeless.
Sinead: Victoria Beckham. I love everything about what she wears and how she wears it. It might be a bit cliché, but I think she gets it really right.
Keavy: Yes, Victoria Beckham. She always looks so elegant.

Sheen's ethos is 'Everyday Elegance'. What's your go-to outfit if you need to feel

Sinead: Black wax trousers, a silky top, jacket, long chain, pair of heels. That's my uniform. A bit Gwyneth Paltrow. She looks great in skinny jeans and a blazer.
Edele: A little black dress and a little leather jacket, it always works.
Lindsay: I have one item, which is a black dress that looks good dressed up or dressed down. It's all about the LBD!
Keavy: I think my fail-safe would be some black skinny jeans, with a pair of boots. Maybe a suit jacket as well.

Sinead, what happened to your blonde hair? We hardly recognised you!

Sinead: All over Twitter everyone's like: "you're blonde, you have to be blonde". Talk about peer pressure! My hair colour is naturally brown. When I was in the band they made me blonde - I had the fairest skin and the fairest eyebrows. Lindsay is half-Greek and Edele and Keavy are quite dark. But I'm not actually blonde.

Is there a song you're all most looking forward to performing on tour?

Sinead: I love Blame It On The Weatherman. But I think because this tour is all about nostalgia, C'est La Vie is going to be cool to perform.
Keavy: We could just hand the microphones to the audience and let them sing the whole thing. I think normally with songs that are a big hit people know all the words to the chorus and that's about it but with C'est La Vie people could literally sing the whole song if you asked them to and that's pretty special.

Is this process of reforming the weirdest thing ever or are you settling into it?

Keavy: I have been 60% in the room and 40% out of the room. But during our Heat
magazine shoot I felt "I'm here, I'm 100% here and I'm comfortable to be here." I think it has taken me that length of time to figure out if I really am doing this again, do I really belong here again and am I really 100% in this. But now I am.
Lindsay: I'm not taking it too seriously. There's no pressure anymore so I am going to get up on that stage and really enjoy it.

You split because you were dropped by your label. Is there a sense of unfinished business?

Lindsay: It wasn't our decision. It was a decision made for us. There was still life in the band and I hope The Big Reunion would show that.
Edele: I wasn't sure if I wanted to get back together and it wasn't until we were singing that it all made sense to me and then I was like: "OK, now I get it."

How would you all feel about becoming full-time members of B*Witched again?

Lindsay: If there is a demand then that's a discussion we'll have. I am at that stage of my life where I simply want to do as much as I can whilst I still can!
Edele: I think we would do another record but at the moment we are just focusing on The Big Reunion and doing everything for nostalgia purposes - the 'what we are' and 'what we were'.
Keavy: Although The Big Reunion has been a hit; the show is just going down Memory Lane. It doesn't tell us if we definitely have a future or what our fans want so I think we will wait a little bit longer and see what happens.

If you did record another album, who would you like to work with?

Keavy: I would like to work with That's probably a really obvious thing that
everyone says. He is really cool and his music is outside the box. He is very smart and that really appeals to me so I would love it if he were to turn around and say: "yeah, I would have you".
Edele: I personally would love to collaborate with James Arthur. I'm just obsessed completely with his voice. It's unbelievable. As a band it would probably be a production collaboration like RedOne, or Jay-Z wouldn't be bad. But maybe we are not so Jay-Z! Lindsay: I think Mark and Danny from The Script. We have known them for a long time, growing up in Dublin. They are writing some great songs at the moment.

We certainly hope you stay together.
Edele: I didn't think I would be doing this but I am, so you never know.


Lindsay and Sinead both wear SHE-4021D-7AEF
Keavy wears SHE-4026SB-7ADR
Edele wears SHE-3023-7AER




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